Uncured Garlic

Week 6 Recipe


This week’s CSA has a head of uncured garlic in it. At this point, the garlic has fully matured and developed all of its wrappings. I didn’t process the garlic (like the garlic heads you received before) because now there is the option to cure it, which would allow the garlic to be stored for months after this.

If you would like to cure the garlic, hang or place the garlic with the stalk/leaves still attached in a shady and dry place with good aeration. Leave it there for a few weeks; this allows the garlic to dry out, or cure, so that it can be stored over the winter. After a few weeks to a month, remove the leaves and cut the roots short (some wrappings may fall off as well). Now the garlic is cured!

Here are some links to resources about curing garlic:



If you would rather eat the garlic immediately, cut off the stalk/leaves, peel the wrappings, and enjoy!

Below are some photos of the first Beck Creek Gardens garlic harvest of the season. We cure ours in the 3rd floor of the barn.


Emily harvesting garlic

Garlic in the Barn

Garlic in the Barn