Dragon’s Brew – A Jalapeno Infusion

Week 4 Recipe


This is another infusion that I used to make. Warning: it is spicy! The citrus and pepper pack a punch. You won’t need caffeine after drinking this in the morning!

Dragon’s Brew Infusion

1 jalapeno

1 orange

1 lemon

1 lime

1 can orange juice concentrate

IMG_3095-L         IMG_3097-L

Slice the jalapeno, lime, orange, and lemon. Put in a pitcher with cool water, then store in a refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours. Test the infusion to see how strong it is after 12 hours (you can let it sit for longer if need be but the citrus will make the water taste soapy if left for too long). After the citrus and pepper have infused, strain or remove the slices and mix a can of orange juice concentrate with the water infusion. You might need more than one can and more than one pepper/citrus fruit depending on how much water you used or how you like the taste. Cool and enjoy!

IMG_3099-L        IMG_3147-L

Basil Infusions

Week 3 Recipe

I used to spend my summers volunteering for a kitchen crew at a festival in Oregon. My friend and I would made drinks for the people who were helping to set up the fair grounds. Our main responsibility was the coffee, but we also made many juices and other beverages to help people stay hydrated.

One of our main methods of drink making was infusing water with different fruits, veggies, and herbs. Infused water is refreshing, tasty, and also provides nutrients from whatever is being infused. These drinks can be enjoyed as plain infused water, or can be mixed with different juices or teas!

Below is one of my favorite infusions! This is also a good site with information and recipes for infusions: http://nutritionstripped.com/simply-infused-water/ 



Basil Infusions

A few sprigs of basil

1 lime or 1 small cucumber, sliced

1 can frozen juice concentrate OR pre-made juice

Put sprigs of basil and the slices of lime/cucumber in a pitcher of cool water in the fridge overnight. Taste the infused water in the morning; strain the basil and lime/cucumber out if the flavor is strong, or let it sit for longer. I’ve reused some basil and lime for days, but the citrus will make the water taste soapy if left for too long. Strain the basil and lime out and enjoy as flavored water, or mix with frozen juice concentrate or already made juice to taste. I like lemonade, cranberry, or mixed berry juices with basil and lime/cucumber.